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Our Mission is to provide high-value laboratory service to our customers in the dental profession. Thorn Ford Dental Laboratory started in 1977 as a family-operated specialist denture laboratory of three people. Today we are a mid-size, complete service operation performing all phases of prosthetics, including ceramics, implants, attachment work and some orthodontics

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Western Washington, Anywhere

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Manufacturing > Fitness and Beauty

Brands We Carry

TAP III, FRS, Eclipse, Atantis

Products And Services

Full Cast Crown Porcelain Veneer Atlantis Abutment Composite Diagnostic Wax E-Max Implant Abutment Casting Implant bar/base Maryland Bridge Milled implant bar Porcelain Margin Porcelain-Alloy Porcelain-Zirconia Provisional C & B Gold or Zi Inlay Denture Chrome Framework Anti-Clench Device Atachments Bleaching/Fluoride Tray resin clasp Fixed Hybrid Flexible Resin Denture Mouth Guard Night Guard Occlusion Rim Reline/Rebase TAP III Welding & Soldering Wire

Additional Information

We provide everything from full contour zirconia crowns to custom ceramics and in-office shading adjustment. We create nice acrylic temporaries and nano-hybrid composites, an excellent choice for gradual loading of implants. We make beautiful and well balanced dentures and partials, implant clip-bars and fixed hybrid dentures. We offer esthetic resin clasps and a wide range of attachments.

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